Our Services

PrivaDoc offers specialized privacy, security, and data breach response consulting services including solution design, program management, and implementation and adoption of technical tools.

Our team is unique in that it combines a comprehensive understanding of privacy laws across both Canada and the United States with expertise in data protection software and solution development. This gives us an in-depth understanding of the information lifecycle and associated risks and solutions.

We assist clients seeking to develop data governance, understand legal compliance, and implement privacy and security instruments to meet their legal obligations. Drawing on our expertise in legal compliance, we have also designed and applied highly effective methodologies for privacy and security impact assessments.

We can help your organization to establish a data protection culture, in which all staff are aware of and committed to privacy and security as organizational goals – not simply as a compliance issue, but as a competitive differentiator.

Privacy Services

In the age of big data, and growing penalties for data protection fails, any company collecting personal information in any form, from clients, consumers, or employees, needs to be up to speed on privacy compliance. Yet for many organizations, it just isn’t a priority.

However, as the mechanics of the digital economy become more visible, consumers are demanding greater transparency and accountability from organizations that collect, share, and use personal information.

With the rapid advent of new technologies, privacy compliance has become complex. Is your organization familiar with all privacy legislation to which it is subject?  Does it have a protocol in place for minimizing loss by a quick response to a data breach? Has it considered the risks and rewards of data analytics?

Security Services

Technology management is constantly evolving, from the rise of the Internet of Things to the adoption of Software as a Service over traditional in-house applications. As cloud and related technologies are adopted, the threat landscape also rapidly changes.

Cyber risks and information security risks include ransomware attacks, phishing, and hacking, as well as both intentional and accidental data leaks. A company’s limited access to IT resources can also lead to breaches and loss of control over its data. When staff change their use of technologies without direction from IT, information security, procurement, or risk experts, the organization is put at risk.

Data Breach and Incident Response Services

You have just discovered that your business has been hit by a data breach. Whether hackers took personal information from your corporate server, an insider stole customer data, or information was inadvertently exposed on your company’s website, you are probably wondering what to do next. You have responsibilities to impacted data subjects, and to reporting bodies, but you may not know what they are.

PrivaDoc’s Data Breach Response team can advise on and implement next steps, and make any necessary notifications if personal information may have been exposed.

Depending on the size and nature of your company, our team will interface with your legal, information security, IT, operations, HR, communications, investor relations departments and management during this process.